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Attn bookings are now one hour time slots again ! Hey its Eric, thanks for booking with me. Keep in mind any highly sought after, quality tattooer is usually going to require some wait time to get into. Don’t try and squeeze your tattoo in if there’s not enough time to do it. For questions email eric at I prepare almost all designs the day of the appointment. If there’s not any room available on the first page, please go to the bottom and click “next” and find a day and time that works for you. Deposits are non-fundable within 14 days of your appointment, transferable within 30 days. If you are planning a sleeve or backpiece or any multi-session tattoo I suggest you book multiple appointments now, 3 weeks apart. Any person who doesn’t show up or is more than 10 minutes late to an appointment will be considered a no show and your deposit will not be refunded. Thank you very much for booking with Eric at Eternal Ink.

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